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What Does My Bee Hive Need?

Sustainable beekeeping means using sustainable hives our commitment at bee happy is to encourage the reduction of our carbon footprint and to reduce environmental impact by the use of recycled  timber.

If you are thinking about taking up beekeeping then the bee hive is clearly your most important piece of equipment as it houses your bees. When first thinking about starting beekeeping then it is easy to become daunted by the array of beekeeping equipment available, so it is important to be confident that you are choosing the right beehive and to become familiar with its component parts.


Introducing the Warre' hive, a traditional design the concept of which makes an ideal starter hive for the hobbyist or amateur beekeeper.
The essence of the Warre' approach to beekeeping is a warmer, but well ventilated bee home with less intrusion into the bee space making for a more secure and happy home for your bee family.
Emile Abbe Warre was an eminent French beekeeper who studied the life of bees in great detail over many years. His hive design was the culmination of this experience and passion for the health  and well being of the bee colony. The well being of the colony was the driving force behind the design of the Warre' hive which he intended to be most suitable for the keen amateur beekeeper. The design came to be known as the "Peoples hive" (hive populaire).
The Warre' hive is simple in concept as it contains no frames to which the combs become attached, but simple "top" bars from which the bees construct the combs in a downward direction. More boxes can be added as and when the colony builds more combs, the fresh box added with little disturbance to the bees.
Happy bees in a safe and well nurtured environment are at the central philosophy behind the Warre' concept of beekeeping which has become tremendously successful in the US and Canada (as can be seen from links listed below).
The traditional beekeeping fraternity have been less enthusiastic for the Frenchman's ideas, but interest in his design and beliefs are now steadily growing in this country.


We at Bee Happy are committed to the development of a better environment for our children to inherit. Therefore, we shall endeavour to uphold our business using the most sustainable, environmentally responsible products and crafts. We believe a Bee Happy home should go beyond simply the construction of the ultimate Bee Happy hive and the use of 100% recycled timber in the creation of our hives proves this.
The use of recycled timber in our hives makes consistency of manufacturing difficult and subsequently there is a little more variation in the finish to our products. Some marking of our timber is inevitable, however we shall make every effort to ensure our hand made products are durable and fit for purpose.
The Bee Happy hive is still a relatively new product for us and we welcome any comments or feedback in our efforts to produce the best bee friendly environment possible.

Product Details

Our Bee Happy hives are supplied with 32 top bars in 4 chambers. Extra chambers are available at £20.00 each. All hives can be finished with a choice of Linseed oil and Beeswax or Danish oil. All timber used is recycled ex-construction timber (pine). The hive floor is made of solid timber and no plywood is used. Side handles to all chambers are included and the roof covering is of a waterproof bitumastic felt as standard, optional felts are available at no extra cost. All flatpacks are for assembly with a few simple hand tools and supplied with concise easy to follow Bee Happy instructions.

Bee Hive Price List
Bee happy hives are available, hand made to your requirements either in recycled pine or beautiful, durable cedar at 25% extra, the choice is yours.
 All timber used is pine (recycled), cedar optional 20% extra
  • Basic 4 chamber hive bare wood £150
  • Basic 4 chamber hive finished in danish oil £180
  • Flatpack (Self Assembly) 4 chamber hive bare wood £100
  • Flatpack (Self Assembly) 4 chamber hive finished in danish oil £120

Linseed oil optional finish (treatment)

Free delivery in East Anglia
outside East Anglia Postage & Packing £25.00

Cheques welcome

We do a returns policy – return the hive in its original condition within 14 days and we will refund the cost of the hive. We do not refund postage.

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